Why Google Play Store Won’t Open? – Identified errors and its solutions

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Fixes on Google Play Store Won’t Open issue: The Google Play Store application is one of the best Android apps downloading application. Here you may face many problems and in most of the circumstances, we have an issue called Google Play Store Won’t Open. Sometimes, this problem may become the biggest issue at the time when you were downloading some specific app from Google Play Store. Then most of the users of Google Play Store says that at the time when we were using this application the app says that “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped ” just do not worry about it we were given a solution to fix this issue.

Google Play Store Won't Open
Google Play Store Won’t Open

Here we see that this problem may occur in most of the situation, where we were saying what is all the reason for this issue and we were given some solutions to solve this issue.

Issue 1: Device may get affected so restart your device to open the app

Solution: To restart your device just press and hold your Power button, where you can see a pop-up menu in that select the restart option and make a Tap on OK for the confirmation. The device will get shut down and restart as soon as possible and check whether the app is opening.

Google Play Store Won't Open
Google Play Store Won’t Open

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Issue 2: If the app won’t open on your device just do the process Update Uninstall

Solution: Here form your device just go to the Settings menu in that you can see an option Apps make a Tap on the option, where you can able to see the list of apps in that select the application and make a Google Play Store in the Info page make a tap on Force Stop and tap on Update Uninstall you can open the app again on your system.

Issue 3: The Google Play Store app may have errors so it won’t open on your device.

Solution: To solve this you have to disable and enable the app once. To do this process just open the Settings on your device and tap the Apps & Notification option here you can able to see the list of Apps in that select the Google Play Store and make a tap on it in the you can see a Disable option just select the option and Enable it again to use the app on your device.

Google Play Store Won't Open
Google Play Store Won’t Open

Issue 4: On your device, the Date and Time may get changed.

Solution: In this case, you can solve this issue by changing the Date and Time of the application. Open the Settings and select the options Date and Time, where you have to check that the Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone get enabled. If all those things have got done already just adjust the Date and Time Manually.

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