Google Play Store not Updating – some possible ways to fix the problem

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Google Play Store not Updating: The Google Play Store update can be done automatically on your device in the background. But sometimes the application will not get an update on your device because of many issues. Here you may have many reasons for not updating google play store on your device. The device may not have sufficient space, your app may get crashed through a virus, and more issues are for play store not updating on your device.

Google Play Store not Updating
Google Play Store not Updating

Here we were saying that what are all the reason form the issue, with that we will offer some solutions to solve all these issues as soon as possible on your device

Issue 1: Do not have sufficient space in the device.

Solution: To solve this issue you have to clear your devise memory space by clearing all the unwanted files, folders, apps, games and much more on your device for an uninterrupted update.

Google Play Store not Updating
Google Play Store not Updating

Issue 2: Clear Cache and Cookies for updating

Solution: If your device may occupy by cache data first you have to clear. To clear Cache data open Settings in that go to App and select Managing app and open Google Play Store and select Clear Cache option. Once you clear the cache, the app will get updated automatically or manually.

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Issue 3: Account may get corrupted

Solution: To solve this issues first you have to remove your Google Account from the device and add it again. To Add and Remove account go to settings in that select app and My Application and open the Google here select the option to remove the account and just follow the same procedures to add your account on your device.

Google Play Store not Updating
Google Play Store not Updating

Issue 4: Fix Date and Time Properly

Solution: To solve this problem go to the Settings menu on your device and select Date and Time option. Here you can see the Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone option just enable both the options to solve this issue. If it is enabled already, you can just adjust the date and time manually.

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