How To Fix “Google Play Services Has Stopped” Issue

Posted by on Aug 28, 2018 in Google Play Services

Google Play Services Has Stopped: At times, while you are working with any Google apps or even the third-party apps, you might encounter a pop-up message as “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped” issue. Probably one might not know what it is actually. But it occurs due to the malfunction or error that had taken place in Google Play. So in such case, you must fix up the issue and never ignore the pop-up as it will halt you from downloading new apps or...

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Google Play Services for Windows and Mac PC Free Download

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Google Play Services, Google Play Services for Mac PC, Google Play Services for Windows PC

Google Play Services for Windows and Mac PC: If you are an Android OS user then you would have probably seen Google Play Services somewhere on your apps section. However, you might have got no idea about the purpose of it being installed by default. If you are a non-Android user, then the situation will be the same. The article is for those who wanted to know the actual purpose of the Google Play Services. In precise, you will be dealing with Google Play...

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